Nota Group is one of a few companies in Ukraine that conducts a complex of forensic procedures – investigation of the facts of corporate fraud and implementation of preventive measures.

Illegal actions of both top managers and ordinary employees or counterparties can cause a significant financial loss to your business, while the risk is not only financial, but also reputational. The range of possible illegal actions inside the company is quite wide, it includes bribery, misappropriation of assets, falsification of financial reporting and so on.

Nota Group specialists conduct a comprehensive audit of an enterprise which helps to identify all illegal activities, if any, and weaknesses in building a business where a fraud can take place.

We are confident that a successful and dynamic business is built on honesty, trust and professionalism of all employees without any exceptions. Nota Group will help the owner to make sure that his company has a strong and reliable team that leads the enterprise to success.


Company audit in order to identify possible fraudulent schemes
Investigation of fraud in a company
Building a system for countering fraud or bribery
Commercial Intelligence

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