Tax planning

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Nota Group

We know how to assist you using effective methods and ways of tax optimization

The income size of each company directly depends on a competent and professional optimization of  tax burden on business. Financiers of Nota Group have a long work experience with a big business and start-ups, they look at the process of doing business as if it is their own. We have developed and tried out a lot of schemes for legal optimization of tax burden implementing of which increases the company’s income and improves its development. In Ukrainian realities, even a promising business can collapse without a qualitative tax planning. Not every financier, however, can reach an effective tax planning system because of imperfect legislation, excessive branching of fiscal services and fast-enacted laws. 

We know how to assist you using effective methods and ways of tax optimization. Our goal is a stable development of your business.


Development of an optimal scheme of taxation and financial flows for both a separate enterprise and a group of companies
Written and oral tax consulting
Management of tax risks
Prediction of changes in tax legislation
Preparation and submission of tax reports to state regulatory bodies