Personnel records

Inappropriate management of personnel records can lead to serious consequences during inspections by regulatory authorities, as a result, the company will incur a financial responsibility and the head of the company will have an administrative one. Personnel records maintenance requires thorough knowledge of the Labor Code and by-laws. Even a small error can lead to rather big fines. On the other side, labor disputes sometimes can arise between the employer and the hired employee. In this case, the company should be 100% sure that all the formalities in the management of personnel records were followed.

Cooperation with Nota Group will save you from all risks and guarantee a high-quality support. Also, giving us the maintenance of personnel records, you have more time for business development and strategic planning.


Preparation of primary personnel documents (orders for personnel, staff list)
Keeping personnel records
Registration of personnel documents (hospital sheets, employment confirmation letters, preparation of documents for employee onboarding in accordance with Ukrainian legislation)
Preparation and submission of personnel reports to the relevant authorities
Consultations on personnel issues, assistance in filling documents, consultations on the rules of keeping and storing of employment records
Conduct of all functions of HR manager
Legal support during inspections
Audit and restore of personnel records


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