Intellectual property

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Nota Group

Protection of intellectual property is an integral part of competent legal support of business which guarantees the security of your business

Only consulting with experienced lawyers in this practice you can be sure of tomorrow and know that you are protected from dishonest competitors, be sure that your promising idea will not be stolen or copied by frauds and your creation will be used only by you.

Nota Group work focuses on those aspects of practice that businesspeople need: protection of trademarks and service marks, copyrights, inventions and developments as well as issuing of permits and sales support of intellectual property rights. Moreover, there are attorneys in our team who have long experience in maintenance businesses on judicial examinations on intellectual property issues.

Nota Group attorneys monitor carefully all legislative changes that are constantly being implemented at the state level in this area and, if necessary, will settle all activities of your your business in a prompt and efficient way. We guarantee the safety of your ideas.    

Copyright protection
Registration of trademarks and service marks, firm names
Registration of patents and inventions, software products
Registration of property rights
Maintenance of transactions on intellectual property sale and purchase 
Consultations on taxation issues of transactions relating to intellectual property objects 
Verification of already registered patents and trademarks
Representation in copyright legal proceedings