Labor law

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Nota Group

Issues relating to labor law are fundamental for every prosperous enterprise which involves a competent and professional team.

Mutual understanding and benefit are a basis for a qualitative cooperation between the employer and the employee. Legally correct established employment relations ensure an implementation of the goals set, a fulfillment of tasks and the company’s success in the market.

Work with Nota Group on issues of labor law will protect the owner from leak of important information to competitors, unnecessary court disputes, waste of money on compensation, etc.

Our team looks at the labor law in all details and deals with all aspects of this practice: concluding, changing and terminating the employment relations, drawing up documents that regulate staff salary, fixing the functional responsibilities of the employee, regulating the work of certain categories of employees, resolving issues in case of injuries at work or damage to the employer, preparing of orders and other local documents, etc.

Moreover, our lawyers deal with crisis situations: out-of-court dispute settlement and client representation in courts of all instances.

Legislative regulation of this sphere has stopped at the level of Soviet times legislation and a lot of trends of modern market are not considered, as well as needs of both the employer and the employee. Our team of lawyers knows how to work with obsolete rules using them in modern realities in order to achieve the company’s maximum efficiency and take into account the interests of its employees. Nota Group develops the concept of business support in the area of labor relations individually for each client considering the specifics of the enterprise. 

Consultations on Labor Law Issues
Legal audit of the enterprise in compliance with labor law standards
Creation of HR documentation, organization of work flow
Preparation of employment agreements, documents on non-disclosure of confidential information by employees and protection of commercial secrets
Support for recruitment and registration of foreign citizens
Creation and registration of collective agreements.
Issues of labor law: employee work performance, sick leave, violation of labor discipline, provision of maternity leave and parental leave, etc.
Creation of documentation for the labor process of restructuring the company, changes in working conditions, staff reduction or liquidation
Labor arbitration
Pre-trial solution of employment disputes
Representation within employment disputes in courts of all levels