Mergers and acquisitions

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Nota Group

The practice of mergers and acquisitions is one of the central issues of Nota Group work

Having an enormous experience in accompanying complex, multi-layered and innovative transactions our lawyers take up the cases of any complexity and resolve all possible risks of this process successfully. We work in favour of our clients – we help to avoid hostile acquisitions, financial losses and we achieve maximum commercial benefit. Since any transaction is ultimately aimed at the prosperity of a particular company, our team not only provides legal advice in this area but also becomes a reliable client’s partner making the complex process of merger and acquisition  very clear and apparent.

Nota Group team supports M&A transactions from the moment of initiation to complete closure: our lawyers conduct companies audit, analyze the full range of possible risks, prepare a plan for the most effective elimination of the risks, document the whole process, provide advice on a new business model including tax and corporate issues.

Due to us the process of merger or acquisitions is very smooth and easy and it  meets exclusively the interests of our client. Having work experience with large corporations which take over smaller companies, Nota Group has experience in such processes within the framework of the antitrust laws.

Also we help our clients to acquire companies with borrowed assets, sell assets and carry out any other transactions within this practice.

Legal audit of the company
Development of the most optimal M&A plan
Legal analysis of transaction risks and their elimination
Participation in the negotiation process
Transaction support until it is closed
Obtaining of all permits of the Antimonopoly Committee and other state institutions
Development of a defence mechanism against hostile acquisitions