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Partner, Director of Financial and Accounting Department

Dmytro Rybalchenko has over 20 years of experience in conducting external and internal audits, developing tax planning schemes, managing finances and financial services. He supported major projects to attract debt and equity financing, transactions with financial assets, as well as debt restructuring, Due Diligence, building management accounting and reporting systems, implementing ERP systems and budgeting systems.

Dmitriy Rybalchenko successfully implemented numerous consulting and deployment projects. The unique nature of Dmytro’s experience lies in the fact that he participated in various projects in different roles: from an independent outside consultant to the head of the internal audit department or CFO. This allows assessing existing problems both on the outside and on the inside, which contributes to adopting the best decisions for the business.
In 2020, Dmytro Rybalchenko was chosen the best CFO according to the ‘’TOP-100. Ratings of the largest’’ prepared by publishing company.