Management Accounts

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Nota Group

Work with Nota Group will give your business a sustainable development as soon as possible

One of the main directions of Nota Group work is the development of an effective model of management accounts. We conduct an in-depth business analysis in order to identify which directions can bring bigger profit and reasons for it not to happen now. Our specialists develop a step-by-step action plan that will improve the business construction system and reduce unnecessary costs. We provide a business owner with a clear picture of the most  effective areas as well as directions where the staff is extra and a new prioritization is needed. In accordance with our recommendations, your business will reach sustainable development at the earliest possible date.

In the analysis we also include possible risks which the owner may not even suspect. Such a deep analytics helps to avoid unnecessary financial losses in the future. We understand how deplorable the consequences can be if the owner or the head of the company does not have the full information at the time of making an important decision. Our task is to prevent this. Working with Nota Group you can be confident in the future of your business as well as understand what actions should be done today in order to make your company continue growing and developing in a rapid way tomorrow. 


Keeping, implementation and automation of accounting
Preparation of management reports on the financial outcomes of the company
Planning, budgeting, target-actual analysis 
Monitoring of budget expenditures
Cash flow planning
Determination of real financing requirements
Effective financial risk management
Consultations on financial transactions