Advocacy activity

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Nota Group

Having highly professional attorneys in the team is one of the advantages of Nota Group that expands the range of our options compared to competitors significantly

Certificate in legal practice and advocacy guarantees confidentiality to our clients, complete data protection and extended opportunities in legal services. Unlike lawyers, attorneys work according to the Bar Act and it means that Nota Group can interpellate to state institutions, authorities, enterprises which are obliged to provide an official response in turn. Due to it, Nota Group can compile complete information for comprehensive and the most effective support for our client when getting down to a new issue. Working with us, entrepreneurs are 100% sure that their data is securely protected because the disclosure of secrecy by an attorney or an employee of his office is specifically established by the law. Among other services Nota Group offers storage of client’s documentation and the client will be sure that all information is under reliable defence.

Model Rules of Professional Conduct are a bible for an attorney. It means that priority of the client’s interests, inadmissibility of interests conflict, competence and conscientiousness are the main principles of his activity.

Certainly, one of the key tasks of Nota Group is the representation of our client’s interests in courts. Currently, only attorneys can handle a case in the criminal proceedings but not lawyers. Eventually this rule will be applied to almost all instances – from 2017 to the Supreme Court and the courts of cassation; and for the next two years – to the appeal courts and the first-instance court. Having a solid portfolio of won court cases, our attorneys are confident in themselves, their methods and tools which always lead to victory.

Nota Group not only supports your business in the legal sphere but also protects in a reliable way.

Representation of a client in courts of all instances and criminal proceedings
Attorney's requests to any state bodies
Documents custody