Dispute Resolution Procedures and Conflict Management

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Nota Group

Every business faces external and internal conflicts inevitably and we know how to resolve them

It is not just about judicial settlement, it is more like the last argument in a dispute, it is just a part of the whole global process which can leave negative effect on your business in the end.

The conflict may be in the default of one of the parties on obligations, the unlawful appropriation of the asset, intellectual property rights violation, conflict of interests of business owners, the abuse of authorities by regulatory and law enforcement agencies, etc. There are hundreds of controversial situations. Therefore, it is extremely important for such situations to be taken by experienced and professional attorneys who have profound knowledge in various legal practices such as corporate, labor and competition law, intellectual property, judicial practice and others. Often, a successful settlement can be achieved only by developing an optimal strategy and combining all this knowledge competently into one working mechanism.

Nota Group team has an impressive experience in resolving disputes and conflicts. Choosing us in this practice, the owner deals with an optimal combination of quality work in satisfactory terms with appropriate costs. Beginning collaboration with each new client our working group conducts a legal analysis of the conflict in order to find those lawyers who have the exact knowledge that is needed in this case and will help in resolving the dispute for sure.

Disputes have a negative impact on business reputation. An impeccable image always plays a crucial role in the success of business. Victory is exactly what you need and you can get it from the team of Nota Group.

Provision of consultations on conflict management and dispute resolution
Pre-trial settlement of disputes and mediation
Preparation, organization and participation in negotiations
Representation of the party's interests in economic, administrative courts and courts of general jurisdiction
Preparation of official letters and service documents
Legal support of enforcement proceedings
Legal protection of assets and intellectual property objects
Legal assistance in resolving labor disputes